Fires and California Real Estate

What can California do to better prepare for forest fires?

Climate change has created a new reality for the state of California, which suffers from increasingly destructive fires every year. Its inhabitants will have to learn to live with fire, experts believe. Forest fires are nothing unusual in this region, where the dry climate and the desert winds combine to create conditions particularly conducive to fire. But with global warming, the fire season is stretching and these are becoming more widespread and destructive.

Between 1972 and 2018, the area burned annually in the state increased fivefold, according to a study published in Earth’s Future in August 2019. The current fires in the San Francisco and Los Angeles area are the latest in a particularly devastating series of fires that have ravaged California in recent years. Five of the ten most destructive fires in the history of the state have occurred in the past ten years.

However, despite the astronomical losses and costs linked to these fires, little has yet been done to improve the resilience of communities, experts say. Since it will be difficult to reverse the warming trend in the medium term, they believe that it would rather be necessary for the most exposed communities to learn to live with an increasing threat of fire. A major problem is the fact that Californians, like many other Americans, build their homes too often in areas at risk of fire, without any thought or planning.

According to a report from the California government, 25% of the state’s population lives in peri-urban areas near forests, shrubs or meadows. This is also where we see the strongest growth in the construction of new homes. Insurance companies estimate that at least 15% of California homes are built in these areas and up to 77% in some northern California counties, such as Mariposa and Alpine.

Residential construction in these sectors is problematic for two reasons. First, because it increases the risk of fire. According to data from the California Department of Forests and Fire Protection (CalFIRE), 95% of fires in the state are caused by humans (badly extinguished butts, campfires left unattended, embers escaping BBQ, etc.). On the other hand, the presence of humans complicates the task of firefighters, who sometimes have to put firefighting in the background to focus on protecting homes.

According to a study jointly conducted by the United States Forest Service and the University of Madison, 82% of the buildings destroyed by fire between 1985 and 2013 in California were in this peri-urban area . California authorities however seem little concerned with urban sprawl. In the California government’s plan on forest fires and climate change, which talks about prevention and resilience, there is no mention of any construction restrictions in high-risk areas.

People want to live in good places to live according to the Western Regional Climate Center at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada. The problem is that some people may not realize how fire-prone the area they live in is. We need better communication on the subject so that it is better understood. After one of these big fires, an entire neighborhood can be burned to the ground. A constant flow of rolloff dumpsters will be needed to clean out the area and maybe rebuild, but with better guidelines against fire this time.

Insurers are reluctant to contribute. If the state does not act, the insurance companies are doing it. Some of them no longer want to take care of buildings at risk. According to the California Department of Insurance, there was a 6% increase in the number of insurance contracts not renewed by the insurer in peri-urban areas between 2017 and 2018. For residents of areas directly affected by the fires of 2017 and 2018, the increase is 10%. This is a wake-up call for the State Insurance Commissioner.

There is an upward trend in California, where insurers are not renewing policies for people at risk due to forest fires. Failure to obtain insurance can have a domino effect on the local economy, affecting home sales and property taxes. Not building in risky areas would be a first step to minimize the danger. But there are also ways to protect existing homes, including managing the fuel, that is, the flammable vegetation around the buildings. You can, for example, put hardwoods rather than conifers in certain places, since conifers are more flammable, or simply by removing the fuel around the infrastructure. Standards should also be put in place to ensure that the materials used to construct the buildings are non-flammable. Cedar shingle roofs should be avoided as an example.

Air Pollution in Oakland, CA

Oakland wasteAir pollution is the world’s single biggest health risk, so it should be no surprise that cities want to know where and why air quality is at its worst. The problem? Air monitoring devices in the nation are not widely used and may not be as accurate as expected.

In Oakland, CA, the air quality ios measured but the so-called AQI, where unhealthy for sensitive groups is in the (101 – 150) range. Although general public is not likely to be affected at this AQI range, people with lung disease, older adults and children are at a greater risk from exposure to ozone, whereas persons with heart and lung disease, older adults and children are at greater risk from the presence of particles in the air.

East Oakland in particular is already overburdened by pollution. And the consequences of this pollution are a lower life expectancy compared to the rest of the Bay Area. East Oakland has one of the highest asthma hospitalization rates in the country, with children under five especially hard-hit. This is a major concern for the local residents.

West Oakland as well has had an air pollution problem for years, and it’s taken a toll on residents. Emergency room visits for asthma are highly concentrated in West Oakland and Emeryville, but they drop off dramatically when you get to other parts of Oakland. A civil rights complaint was recently filed on behalf of West Oakland residents alleging air pollution from diesel emissions at the Port of Oakland disproportionately impacts the people in the vicinity.

One in five children in West Oakland has visited the hospital for respiratory problems. They have an astoundingly high asthma rate because diesel emissions in West Oakland are up to 90 times higher than California’s average. Our youngest and most vulnerable bear the pollution burden of freight that comes across the Pacific Ocean.

The Oakland Public Works Department plans, builds and takes care of the physical and environmental parts of the City of Oakland. Their work makes the City a great place to live, work, invest and visit. Right now, they want to hear your ideas for capital improvements. Tell them what you think by reaching their website here.

Researchers from EDF and the University of Texas at Austin took their data to the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP), a community-based organization with recognized leadership in local air pollution issues, to learn more about potential sources of poor air quality. With the threat of coal exports, Oakland piles more pollution on a polluted community then anywhere else in the nation and activists, concerned about everything from poor air quality in West Oakland, to pollution are getting involved in carrying the message to the population.

Limiting pollution and waste creation is the first step all residents of Oakland, CA can take to try reduce this issue. Recycling, better waste management, consumer behavior awareness are some of the elements needed to develop a safer and more sustainable environment for ourselves and our children. Oakland dumpster rental companies can help alleviate the accumulation of waste materials and miscellaneous junk debris by offering an affordable solution for garbage removal. So let’s use them more often.

Can I cure type 2 diabetes by losing weight

obesity and diabetesApproximately 8 out of 10 patients suffering from type 2 diabetes are either overweight or obese. Among these people, their bodies need two to three times as much insulin compared to a person with an average and healthy weight.

When the pancreas tries to make that much insulin, it pushes beyond capacity and insulin-producing cells start to slow down and eventually die. This makes the situation worse because this leaves the pancreas with fewer cells to produce insulin.

Compounding the problem, recent research has also shown that visceral fat, especially the abdominal fat releases molecules that can be harmful to the pancreas. This means the more visceral fat you have in your belly, the higher risk of damage to your pancreas.

The relationship between weight and type 2 diabetes can be tricky. But there are some patients who have completely reversed diabetes by simply losing weight.

Dr. William Bornstein, an endocrinologist at the Emory Clinic in Atlanta said that a lot of folks who are sedentary and are overweight do not develop diabetes. So there is definitely an important genetic contribution when one develops insulin resistance.

While it may feel like the deck is stacked against you, it is particularly crucial that you make an effort to lose the excess weight. Sometimes, a dramatic weight loss can completely reverse type 2 diabetes. This is most effective on patients who make the efforts of weight loss right after receiving their diagnosis.

How do we know that weight loss is an effective form of treating diabetes?

Dr. Peter Cohen, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a general internist at Cambridge Health Alliance said that it is important that patients regulate their blood glucose levels properly and they should regulate their weight as well. Cohen also said that when people try to make the efforts to shed the extra pounds, the blood sugar goes down with it.

There was a four-year study recorded in the December issue of Journal of the American Medical Association wherein 4,500 obese adults within the age of 45 to 76 were involved. These patients all suffered from diabetes.

Basically, half of these participants were randomly assigned to complete an intensive lifestyle program that included a weekly counseling session for 6 months. These participants were given physical activity and weight loss goals while the rest of the participants were merely offered three sessions on diet and physical activity per year. Unlike the other group, the latter did not have any goals to meet.

People in the first group who have received counseling sessions lost 8.6% of their weight after 12 months. The non-counseling group on the other hand lost 0.7% of their weight. After four years, the first group lost 4.7% while the other group only lost 0.8%.

According to this study, the rates of remission were about 15% to 20% higher compared to the other group who lost less weight.

In the editorial section of this study, Dr. Patrick O’Connor, of the HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research in Minneapolis and Dr. David Arterburn, of the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle said that the results of the study only proves that people should be more concerned about preventing rather than treating diabetes. When you weigh less, your pancreas can better perform its job and keep up your body’s need for insulin.

In some cases, getting back to your healthy weight is enough to reverse diabetes. Even if it does not get your blood glucose completely back to normal, it lowers your body’s need for insulin medication and other diabetes care treatments. Losing weight also reduces your risk of diabetes complications like heart problems, kidney diseases and nerve damage.

Teeth Whitening: Go To The Dentist or Bleach At Home

nice teethWhen your work involves meeting people, it is important that you face them with a sparkling white smile. After all, first impressions truly make an impact on how people see you.

Teeth whitening is actually one of the least expensive cosmetic dental procedure that could enhance your smile. It is performed at the dentist’s clinic using a variety of equipment, products and techniques.

Even if you find and use the most expensive and presumably the most effective at-home teeth whitening kit out there, it is still best to get a dental exam first before applying any chemical treatment in your teeth.

Your dentist will identify if the discoloration is merely due to food and beverage stains or caused by a condition that needs dental treatment.

2 Major Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Intrinsic Discoloration

Teeth discoloration brought about by enamel loss or aging is an example of intrinsic discoloration. Another cause of it is excessive fluoride or antibiotic exposure during teeth formation. Developmental disorder like experiencing jaundice from childhood is also another possibility.

Teeth that have gone through tooth canal, decay or developmental trauma can also cause teeth to discolor.

Extrinsic Stains

These stains are caused by substances that usually come in contact with your teeth. Common examples are chewed tobacco, smoking, wine, tea and coffee.

Both intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration can happen at the same time.

If you are wondering whether teeth bleaching is safe or not, it is.

The chemicals used in this procedure are composed of organic molecules that do not materially destroy or affect the mineral structure of your teeth. However, there are still minor side effects that you will temporarily encounter. Teeth sensitivity is one.

Teeth Whitening Options

Whitening procedures range from the use of gels that can only be applied by a professional to the use of at-home products that you can buy at your local pharmacy. In general, the teeth whitening procedures you get from the dentist are more expensive but produce faster results.

If you are still thinking about getting that pearly white smile, here are your options:

Professional Teeth Bleaching

It involves using concentrated whitening get that are not available in any pharmacy. Though the chemicals used in this procedure are stronger and are more potent, they can be safely handled by certified dental practitioners.

In-Clinic Whitening System – This is a teeth whitening procedure performed inside the dentist’s office. They involve a state of the art light source and laser that intensifies the bleaching action in the process.

At-Home Whitening Kit – These are thin and flexible custom made mouth trays that you can fill with whitening gel. You need to leave this on your teeth for a prescribed amount of time.

Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Products

These products can still whiten your teeth. But as they go in lower concentrations, it will take time for you to see real results.

If you prefer to use this type of process, you can ask your dentist for product recommendations. These are usually sold as whitening toothpaste, teeth strips, brush-on or chewing gums.

The Top Three Most Common Side Effects

As teeth whitening involves chemicals, bright lights and laser, you can expect that there will be some form of side effect after the procedure.

The most common side effect that many patients experience is teeth sensitivity. This usually occurs 24 hours post procedure. For patients with lower tolerance to teeth sensitivity, this can come across as pain. But taking some pain reliever every 6 to 8 hours can remedy this problem.

Another common side effect of teeth whitening is soft tissue irritation. This problem occurs when strong at-home whitening solutions get in contact with the gums. If you experience irritation, it is best to see your dentist right away.

Lastly, nausea or vomiting is also a side effect when you accidentally ingest the bleaching gel from whitening kits.

If you are currently pregnant, it is advisable to hold off this procedure until you stop breastfeeding. Patients with peroxide sensitivity and allergies should also take teeth whitening with precaution.

There are some people who think that teeth whitening masks the carelessness they had with their dental health. However, dentists say that when you regularly brush your teeth, flossed and have kept up with your dental appointments, teeth whitening shows even better results.

Five Food Items Healthy For Your Heart

healthy dish
We all know that your coronary heart is the main timber!

Nevertheless some people decide to neglect this kind of simple, nevertheless considerable reality any time identifying precisely what meals to enjoy.

Heart related illnesses are quite prevalent at the present time sadly. Note as well they lead to numerous deaths each day on our land!

That is why today we are presenting five meals that will be nutritious, and also perfect for your existing heart.

The initial most recommended food items for a healthy heart are usually blueberries. Blueberries are normally delicious and easy to find. They may be acquired fresh or frozen from a regional food store or by means of suppliers at a farmer’s market.

They are truly full of anti-oxidants, which leaves us with no concern of consuming them. These types of anti-oxidants help to reduce the unhealthy bad LDL cholesterol.

They are also known as blood fruit, so much so that their juice looks so much like the blood that runs in our arteries. But their action may trigger the end of many coronary illnesses. In addition these fruits will cope with the dangerous effects of free radicals within our body, which could result in particular disorders, for example cancer. A brand new one-cup offering every day including blueberries is enough for great health!

Your second dish is actually fish!

This can be bought fresh or maybe chilled. Along with other ingredients, it could be cooked using several techniques like broiled, grilled, or perhaps smoked. When choosing trout, stay away from farm-raised large mouth bass. Artificially raised seafood is usually regarded a lot much less safe since inorganic pesticides are overused in such operations, and you do not want some of that to end up in your dish.

Trout is undoubtedly heart nutritious as a result of it rich content of omega-3! Omega-3 essential fatty acids are believed to help lessen triglycerides levels in the human body, which is often regarded as being among the main factors generating heart difficulties. 4 ounce of fish two times every week is believed to be sufficient to get the main good benefits from omega-3.

The third dietary component for some heart healthy diet is actually scented soy meats!

Soya healthy proteins come with a great deal for your health and your heart: vitamin supplements, nutritional supplements omega-3, as well as wellness meats. It could be viewed as a fantastic substitute red-colored food as it is low-fat and high fiber. The United States of America Coronary Heart Association suggests having a single oz. associated with soy products healthy proteins every day. Soy healthy meats are found in soybeans, soya dairy food, delicious tofu and more.

Oats would be the next food item. Great, old-fashioned oatmeal. It is simple and inexpensive! One half-cup is about one hundred thirty healthy calories, mostly soluble fiber. It’s an ingredient that will add nothing to your body fat! This will help you lower your LDL cholesterol and may help out with lowering your entire body mass.

The normal grownup must take some every single day to live a long life. In fact whenever an individual wants some, he can merge some with the other items in our list to obtain an extremely balanced, delicious breakfast every day. One could combine a serving associated with clean blueberries, a portion with vanilla flavor scented soy protein, plus a supply of oat meal for the correct coronary heart healthful breakfast time.

The 6th as well as greatest food in out list is actually kale. It truly is chock full of nutritional vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, along with omega-3 fatty acids! Like oat meal it is really multipurpose. It can be appreciated mixed with some vegetables, or boiled in a soup. Oats is a superb alternative to lettuce when creating any veggies dish. And it is affordable. It can be bought frozen or fresh, the results will be the same.

To summarize, an effective heart is a delighted cardio machine that needs care to function well. It is super easy to create small improvements in an individual’s diet program, and generally at a low cost. Perfumed scented soy healthy proteins, oatmeal, bass, oats, and blueberries can be a great addition for your cardiovascular system proper diet!