Useful Tips When House Hunting

house to buyHouse hunting is one of the exciting parts when trying to acquire a home. However selecting the right house is not an easy thing to do. There are so many steps to take and various factors to consider. Moreover doing this all on your own can be the most daunting task you ever undertook.

When it comes to finding your next home, working with a real estate agent helps ease up the rigorous process. For example, you wouldn’t need to hunt a neighborhood on your own. By simply providing all your requirements to an agent, they can locate the best place for you. All you have to do now is go to the property itself, attend open houses, and see if the space and the area are perfect for you.

When it comes to house hunting, there are some things you need to know. Here are some of the tips you can follow.

Check if the property is a short sale

Before getting too in love with the property, it is critical that you understand what it is and what you can expect from a short sale. A short sale is a property in which the proceeds from the sale are going towards paying the balance of debts secured by liens against the property.

Most agents are open to these kinds of sales when their clients are patient enough and are not eager to move right away. More often than not, these properties are also usually in a disarrayed condition.

See foreclosure properties

This is also for the clients who are trying to save money. Foreclosures have a simple process that short sales. These are properties owned by the lender, and it is also essential that buyers know that foreclosure properties come as-is. So whatever condition the past owner has left it is the same condition you would need to deal with. Home flippers love these kinds of properties as they are cheap and easy to fix up.

Find out if the neighborhood is safe

Conduct some research about the neighborhood. If you are working with an excellent realtor from Kale Realty, consider this step done. Some real estate agents also ensure that they conduct a thorough research of where the house is, especially if their clients have little kids.

They inspect the growth of the local economy, taxes, crime rates, and amenities. These are pertinent information that will allow you and your agent to sum up an educated decision whether the property is worth buying.

Check how old the house is

Inspect the house and determine what is old, replaceable and new. Buyers should know the state of the roof, water heater, furnace, and air conditioning. An experienced realtor should be able to work with other professionals to identify the status of the different parts of the home. These professionals tend to speak with AC installers, professional roofers and contractors to recognize the actual state of the property.

These are just some of the simple tips realtors ensure that their clients follow. Although there is no specific number of homes you need to check before finding the perfect property, do not hesitate to look further if you are not satisfied with what your realtor has gound even if he or she has already shown you 30 properties.

How To Find Your Real Estate Agent

buying a houseWhen you are going to get help with the necessary maintenance and needs of your home home, hiring a professional can mean the difference between a job well done and a mistake that can cost you thousands of dollars. It is no different when you are selling or buying a home.

You do not have to opt for a real estate agent. You can put your house on the market or purchase your own home without a professional’s help. However, if you are not familiar with the selling or buying process, it is highly likely that you will skip over some important steps. You may also find yourself on an unfair playing field when it comes to negotiating deals, which can cause you to lose money or pay more than what you should.

Despite the number of real estate agents working in the market, not every one of them is going to be the right fit for you. Below are ways how you can find the right professional to help you out.

Identify Your Real Estate Needs

Identifying your real estate interests is a crucial step because you need to select an agent who specializes in what you need. Are you looking for the perfect home in a specific school districts? For example working with a location-specific agent will help you find a specific neighborhood that you might want to live in. Some agents’ expertise is also determining the perfect buyer for your property.

Are you looking for a house in a school district? Or do you prefer to live in a one-bedroom condominium? Are you a first-time buyer? These details are crucial in selecting your agent. For example, an agent with a strong profile of first-time home buyers should be an expert in finding a home for you. A location-specific agent must also have a wealth of knowledge about certain districts in the area where it is most favorable to raise a family.

Search Online

One of the first steps you can take is to check for agent listings online. Plenty of websites can refer agents to you, but you might need to do a bit more digging as these sites will likely not provide you with any check concerning their quality and work ethics. When you use google, type down the appropriate keywords.

For example, if you live in the Chicago area, you can simply type “best real estate agent in Chicago.” The search engine will automatically help you locate the professionals near you. For this specfic search one of the top results is for Kale Realty. After checking their website they appear to be a very solid company that you can trust.
After reaching a website, look for important details such as experience, reviews, comments and past listings.

Gather Referrals

Word-of-mouth remains an excellent source of intel on local real estate agents. You can ask your colleague, friends or neighbors for referrals. Social media is also a great place to find the perfect real estate agent. You can even find listings on the Facebook Marketplace.

Deals are moving fast, so it is also important to include social media on your roster of places to check. Moreover the instant messaging feature of the social media sites nowadays allow you to contact the agent and inquire about their listing immediately.

Attend Open Houses

Most real estate companies post open house schedules on their website. By attending one of these events, you can meet different agents in their working environment. As soon as you get to the location, interact with them. Pay attention to how they are showing the property and assess whether the professional is informative and polite.

Regardless of how the agent has behaved, make sure to collect his or her business card and take notes. That way as soon as you have multiple business cards, you can select the real estate agents to avoid and the ones to work with.

Before you finally work with a company and an agent, never forget to check for their license and their disciplinary actions if any, with your state’s regulatory board. Find out if the person you are thinking about working with has a license and if he or she has any disciplinary actions or complaints. In most cases, these elements of information are posted online.